#SnippetsOnLife2 - Life and Darkness

Have you ever thought about the bright side of darkness in your life? Recently I had the opportunity to ponder upon the reality and even the myths related to Darkness.

Dark times are always the torchbearer of reality
Yes, that's true. You might ask, "What is the reality?" Well, the reality is anything that makes you realise where you stand in your life, in other's lives, in your relationships, and sometimes within you. Darkness gives you some serene moments to see things clearly. It helps you comprehend things beyond your prejudices, judgments, and premonitions. Darkness helps you see beneath the superfluousness of life. Once darkness seeps into your life you get to know the real importance of light.

Darkness makes you a better judge of fake promises and genuine feelings
I have seen and heard people making promises; small, medium, and big promises. Yes, promises come in all shapes and sizes. But only your dark days helps you to know the worth of those promises made in your hays days. People and promises come with terms and conditions with that asterisk mark that you might have missed out like the way you miss out some crucial clause while you sign your insurance papers. Moreover, you do not even realize that before darkness has already fallen upon you. Once darkness engulfs you, you get to know the vitality of genuine promises.

Darkness reflects upon the Brighter side of people you might have easily overlooked before
The darker it gets the brighter a person might emerge. Good and genuine people are always best recognized in the darkest of times. Some people believe in deeds rather than in words and that's why they remain silent and nonchalant in bright daylight and like to act in the dark phase of your life. Once darkness falls upon you, you realize words are nothing but a farce.

Dark roads are the best way to find even the faintest of light even at the farthest corner
When all roads end. When you realize there is no way back. When you are stranded between darkness and nothingness, that's the time your senses are most agile. Your senses are able to find paths that remain hidden in the broad daylight. Darkness helps you bring the best of you in the most bizarre way. Only when darkness blinds you, you are able to see properly.

#snippetsonlife1 - Life and Its Sense of Humor

Life never fails to amaze me with its quirky sense of humor. It has its own way of maneuvering things that seldom suits our wishlist. No matter how many rules we follow in life, Life never follows any of our rules. Forget about rules, it does not even consider our wish, hope, faith, belief, nothing at all. Life follows its own set of rules and plays with them as per its will. 

"Life has its own will and on top of that, it has a dry, sarcastic, sense of humor."

Sometimes, Life might bestow you with a small boat of hope when you are in the midst of nothing, which will be enough for you to find the shore of courage. however, it might also snatch way the only source of light on a dark night when even the star denies to shine and compel you to wander around that same nothingness. 

Top 5 Ghazals from the man with a Golden voice- Jagjit Singh

The Golden voice of Jagjit Singh 

(Source - Internet)

My playlist has always been stuffed with ghazals. The credit goes to my elder brother (Bhaiya) who introduced me to this beautiful blend of romance and melancholy years back. I still remember he bought a cassette (yes, back then CDs didn't hit the stores) of ghazals, which he claimed to be "The Masterpiece" by "The Golden Duo"- Jagjit Singh and Gulzar. Back then, I was too young to comprehend the depth of the connection, which my brother felt with the songs and appreciated in silence. My only take away from that cassette was the "Marasim" (connection) with the enchanting voice that would linger in my mind even after the music system had been turned off for hours- the Golden voice of Jagjit Singh. 

Today on his 77th Birth Anniversary, I am reminiscing, the soulful voice of a man with golden heart. 

Happy Birthday Jagjit Signh ji!!!

"Ek Puraana Mausam Lauta, Yaad Bhari Purvayi Bhi
Aisa To Kam Hi Hotha Hai, Wo Bhi Ho Tanhaayee Bhi"

Here, I am listing the most magical melodies voiced by Jagjit Singh ji that will take you to a surreal journey of music and emotions.

1. "Baat Niklegi"

The first line of the song "Baat Niklegi To Dur Talak Jayegi" was true to its words. The success and praises for this singer started with this song and still denies to fade away even after four decades from its release (1976).

This song marked the beginning of the new era of ghazal in India that made him an overnight star countrywide. He shared this album with his life partner, an equally talented gazal singer, Chitra Singh. The album was named rightly as "The Unforgettable" because every single song from the album was cherished by gazal lovers and beyond. Before this album, he rendered his voice to some Bollywood scores like "Laagi Ram Bhajan Ni Lagani" and "Babul Mora Naihar".

2.  "Hontho Se Chhulon Tum"

Next on my list is the ever-charming gazal that epitomized the essence of platonic love.

The song is immortal in every sense. Jagjit ji did not just sing the song; his alluring voice has captivated the imagination of the lovers of all generations. Sometimes I wonder was it for his voice that the poet penned these words- "Honton Se Chhulon Tum, Mera Geet Amar Kar Do"?

This song featured in the movie "Prem Geet" on the lead pair Raj Babbar and Anita Raaj. The movie did well at the box office but this song remains to be the main highlight of the movie.

3. "Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar"

Talking about the magnificent Bollywood score sung by Jagjit ji, I just can't miss this song. 

“Arth” has been (literally) one of the most “meaningful” movies witnessed in the Indian Film Industry. The story, plot, narration, direction, cast, and every single aspect of the movie were worth praising. The icing on the cake was the songs by Jagjit ji. And this particular song was the best among the rest (though it is hard to pick just one of his songs). If you haven't heard it then I won't be able to express in words what you are missing. As the lyrics of another classic from this movies says "Tu Nahin To Zindagi Mein Aur Kya Reh Jayega"...
While the movie is often recommended as one of the “Top 25 Must See Bollywood Movies”, I believe that this song has seat in the topmost position in the Top 5 Must Listen To Bollywood Ghazals.

4. "Tum Ko Dekha To Yeh Khayal Aaya"

If you have recently fallen deeply in love and want to express your intense emotions for your beloved, then this is the song. 
"Hum jise gun guna nahi sakte
Waqt ne aise geet kyun gaya
Tumko dekha to yeh Khayal aya
Zindagi dhoop, tum Ghana Saya"
This lovely song has been a personal favourite of mine (well that goes for all the songs on this list). 

The song featured in the 1982 release, "Saath Saath". This song beautifully amalgamated the true essence of love into a ghazal. The magic was created when the charismatic voice of Jagjit ji was greeted by the simplicity of the story and cast (Farookh Sheikh sahab and Deepti Naval ji). I wonder if there was a day in the past few years when I didn’t listen to this song (at least for once).

5. Hosh Walo ko Khabar kya

"Hoshwalon Ko Khabar Kya
Bekhudi Kya Cheez Hai
Ishq Ki Jaye Phir Samajhiye
Zindagi Kya Cheez Hai"
If you are in love and you have not been able to make others understand your array of confusing feelings, then you can always take refuge to this song. 

Amidst the quest to counter the cross-border terrorism this song comes as a fresh breath of spring breeze in the movie and in your life as well. Song divinely depicts the budding love story between Seema and Ajay (portrayed by Sonali Bendre and Aamir Khan), whilst in college. Sarfarosh was released in the year 1999 was claimed as a superhit at box office.

This song is a spell that cannot be explained or expressed. Therefore, I will not even dare to try to explain it to you. Just listen to it (again) and know what I am talking about. 

I know, this list is just the tip of the iceberg. As I said its "top 5" but trust me most of his songs have the potential to take place on this list. but the prolem is I cant include all the songs. So, adieu friends. 

Hope you enjoy this list and fall in love with this majestic voice (again).

Hindi Poetry: Purani Yaadon ki Galion Mein

पुरानी यादों की गलिओं में
टहलना हमने बंध कर दिया है
जाने वो कौनसा लम्हा था जो
अब भी उन्ही गालियों में रहता है?

वो गालियाँ जो रंजिशों के मोहल्ले से गुज़र कर
बेबसी के कूचे तक जा पोहचती है.
वो तंग सी गलियां जहाँ अधूरी कहानियाँ
अब भी मजबूरियों की महफिले सजाती है।

पुरानी यादों की गलिओं में
टहलना हमने बंध कर दिया है।

वो गलियां, जो आँसुओं की पियालिओं से
अब भी हमारा स्वागत करती है
वो गलियां जिन में अब भी
कितनी दुआएं उनकाही, अनसुनी बस्ती है।

Purani yaadon ki galion mein 
Tehelna humne bandh kar diya hai.
Jaane woh kaunsa lamha hai jo 
Ab bhi unhi galiyon mein rehta hai?

Woh galiyan jo ranjisho ke mohhale se guzar kar
Bebasi ke kuche tak ja pohochti hai.
Woh tang si galiyan jahan adhuri kahaniya
Ab bhi majbooriyon ki mehfilen sajati hai.

Purani yaadon ki galion mein
Tehelna humne bandh kar diya hai.

Woh galiyan, jo ansuoon ki pyaliyon se 
Ab bhi humara swagat karti hai
Woh galiyan jin mein ab bhi 
Kitni duayen unkahi, unsuni basti hai..

6 Word Fiction - WAIT

"My wait prolonged. He moved on."

Hindi Poetry - Mujhe Naye Dharm Ki Zaroorat Nahi

मुझे नए धर्म की ज़रुरत नहीं
गलत ही सही, इंसान बजाऊं
मुझ मेरा ईश्वर मिल जायेगा
मुझे जीने का सलीखा आजाएगा

मुझे नए धर्म की ज़रुरत नहीं
जब खुद ही खुद से मिल पाऊँगी
मुझे ईश्वर तक का रास्ता मिल जायेगा
मुझे इस जीवन का अर्थ मिल जायेगा

मुझे नए धर्म की ज़रुरत नहीं
पहले मैं मौजूदा धर्मो को तोह समझलूँ
मुझे मेरी पहचान खुद ही मिल जाएगी
मेरे अस्तित्व बोध हो जायेगा

धर्म आख़िर होता क्या है?
सिर्फ ईश्वर की खोज?
उस परमशक्ति तक पोहोचने की सीढ़ी?
ईश्वर तो मन में है, उसे जग में और कहाँ पाऊँगी?

अगर धर्म ईश्वर तक का रास्ता है
ईश्वर तोह एकता में बस्ता है
तो सबसे अलग नया धर्म कहाँ पाऊँ मैं ?
इस अंतर को भेद कैसे पाऊँ मैं ?

मुझे नए धर्म की ज़रुरत नहीं
पहले "मैं" और "खुद" से उठ जाऊँ
मुझे आगे बढ़ने का अयन मिल जायेगा
मेरी आस्था का आधार मिल जायेगा

muhjhe naye dharm ki zaroorat nahi
pehle "main" aur "khud" se uth jaun
mujhe age badhne ka ayan mil jayega
meri astha ha aadhar mil jayega

mujhe naye dharm ki zaroorat nahi
galat hi sahi, pehle insaan bajaun
muhje mera ishwar mil jayega
mujhe jeene ka salikha ajayega.

mujhe naye dharm ki zaroorat nahi
Jab khud hi khud se mil paungi
mujhe ishwar tak ka rasta mil jayega
mujhe meri zindagi ka arth mil jayega.

mujhe naye dharm ki zaroorat nahi
pehle main moujooda dharmo ko toh samajh loon
mujhe meri pehchaan khud hi mil jayegi
mere asthitva ka bodh ho jayega.

akhir dharm hota kya hai?
sirf ishwar ki khoj?
us paramsakti tak pahuchne ki sidhi?
ishwar to mann mein hai, 
use jag mein aur kahan paungi?

agar dharm ishwar tak ka rasta hai
to ishwar ti ekta mein basta hai
sabse alag naya dharm kahan paun main?
is antar ko bhed kaise paun main?

mujhe naye dharm ki zaroorat nahi
pehle main khud se to upar uthoon
mujhe age badne ka ayan mil jayega
meri astha sarthak ho jayegi.

Hindi Poetry - Filhaal

सूबह आँख खुली तो देखा 
दिन की पेहली किरण बाहें खोले 
मेरे उठने का इंतेज़ार कर रही थी 
कुछ नई उम्मीदें थी 
कुछ पुरानी परछाईयाँ। 

दरिचे से बाहर झाकं तो देखा 
नीले आस्मां के तले हरा भरा 
बरगद का पेड़ रहे तक रहा था 
कुछ वक़्त की कहानियाँ थी 
कुछ धुप छाओं की ठिठोलिया। 

पर कमरे की और एक नज़र दोराई तो पाया 
चार दीवारों के सन्नाटे के दरमियाँ 
किसी की आवाज़ मुझे पुकार रही थी 
कुछ तस्वीरों में छुपी किलकारी थी 
कुछ पन्नो में दबी सिस्कियाँ। 

अब वक़्त से कोई शिक़ायत नहीं 
मझधार में एक कागज़ की नाओ की तरह 
फिलहाल मुझे डूबने का इंतज़ार है 
एक झलक सी है साहिल की, और 
कुछ बहते पानी की अंगड़ाइयाँ 

Subha ankh khuli to dekha
Din ki pehli kiran bahen khole 
Mere uthne ka intezaar kar rahi thi
Kuch nayi ummeedein thi 
Kuch purani siyahi/parchhaiya

Dariche se bahar jhaka to dekha
Nile asmaan ke tale hara bhara
Bargad ka pedh rahe tak raha tha
Kuch waqt ki kahaniya thi
Kuch dhoop chhaon ki thitholiya

Par kamre ki or ek nazar dorayi to paya
Char deewaron ke sannate ke darmiyan
Kisi ki awaaz mujhe pukar rahi thi
Kuch tasveeron mein chupi kilkari thi
Kuch panno mein dabi siskiyan

Ab waqt se koi shikayat nahi
Majdhaar ek kagaz ki nao ki tarah
Filhaal mujhe doobne ka intezaar hai
Ek jhalak si hai sahil ki, aur
Kuch behte pani ki angraiya

#SnippetsOnLife2 - Life and Darkness

Have you ever thought about the bright side of darkness in your life? Recently I had the opportunity to ponder upon the reality and even th...